How Medicare Agents Are Paid

A question that we sometimes get from clients is, how do you, an independent Medicare insurance agent, get paid? The short answer is that we’re contracted with different insurance companies, and we get paid directly from the carrier itself for selling their products. There’s NO additional fee to using a broker like Lacayo Group Insurance. By law, the rates you get from us are the exact same rates that you’d get directly from the insurance company.

Independent Broker vs. Captive Agent

And yes, our service is completely FREE of charge.

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How Commissions Work

All monthly health insurance premiums have a specific amount that’s designated for administrative fees and agent and broker commissions. Whether you use a broker or not, that amount is built into your monthly premium.

When you use an agent, he or she gets paid a commission directly from the insurance company. If you go right to the insurance company to enroll, they don’t have to pay a Medicare broker.

Besides the FREE Service, Why Should I Use a Broker?

Using an independent broker can benefit you in many ways. Typically, when you work with a good broker like the ones at Lacayo Group Insurance, you get an extra value that the insurance company simply can’t match. Our FREE services include:

✔ Unbiased opinions on your options

✔ Policy Renewal Assistance

✔ Annual Rate Check / Shopping 

✔ Billing and Claims Support

Many back-end billing and claims issues are simple fixes. When these problems arise, we’d be happy to assist you with them, saving you time and eliminating added stress. You can relax knowing you have someone on your side when it comes to your Medicare coverage.

If you enroll through the carrier directly, you miss out on these distinguishable services that a good Medicare agent can and should provide.

Who Is Lacayo Group Insurance?

We help our clients in Florida and Texas find and enroll in the best Medicare plan for their needs and budget. It’s an easy process. When you’re getting started, we make sure you understand every aspect of your plan, and we assist you each year during policy renewal time.

There are no gimmicks and no pushy sales method. You don’t have to jump through hoops, and you won’t get put on hold for minutes on end. We’re just here to educate you so that you feel informed and confident about the decision you’ve made with your Medicare insurance plan.

Trust Is Essential

In general, we recommend choosing a Medicare agent who you feel you can trust, someone that will be in the business long-term and provides real value to you.

Choose an independent agent, not a captive one, so you can continue to shop your plan options in the future.

You can give us a call or send us an email. Your information is always kept 100% secure, and we’d love to answer any questions you may have.